A Soft Place to Land When Work is Hard

by | May 14, 2024 | Preparing to Relocate To St. Louis, Why Corporate Housing

Relocating to St. Louis already has its challenges, whether that be learning which route will get you to work the fastest, which tornado warning you need to take seriously (Hint: All of them!), or how the local pollen count affects the way you feel from day to day. Finding a place to live for those first few months is an important decision that could make or break your integration and success. 


So Many Options, But Where Should You Start?

Sure, we’re biased, but we speak from experience. Rather than extended stay hotels or questionable Airbnbs, we’d recommend you go with a corporate housing provider. 

In fact, choosing a corporate housing provider is a great solution when you need temporary living that doesn’t feel temporary. Why? Because fully-furnished apartments with top-notch customer service can help you feel sure as the world and details around you feel uncertain. 

Starting over is hard. Being new is hard. Working in a stress-filled office or healthcare environment is hard. Your living situation really needs to be… easy


Mental Health Matters

Every May, the nation pushes for increased Mental Health Awareness, and being intentional about your healthy state of mind during a relocation is of utmost importance. You’re trying to hit the ground running getting used to your new work assignment, new colleagues, new traffic patterns, all while trying to nail down which St. Louis coffee establishment will be your location of choice – it’s a lot. 

According to Bob Livingstone, LCSW, in his article  The Importance of Feeling Safe, our need for the feeling of safety is paramount in ensuring a happy and productive life:

“Feeling safe is a fundamental human need, essential for both mental and physical well-being. It is the sense of security and freedom from fear or anxiety, allowing individuals to thrive and function optimally in their environment. The significance of feeling safe cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts stress responses, influencing overall health and happiness.

Feel safe with corporate housing during relocation

Sense of Well Being

The sense of well being could be summed up, at least in regards to one’s living situation, as a need for three things: security, surety, and sleep. When your temporary living situation feels like a permanent contribution to your well being, it’s a win! You’re going to be a valuable contributor to your new team, ready to tackle challenges and find creative solutions. 

But when you’re constantly stressed about not having a kitchen to prepare food in, constantly eating out, constantly frustrated about not having towels or laundry facilities or whatever it is you might have to deal with in an extended stay hotel, your work performance is going to suffer. 


Need for Security

Any city has its best and worst neighborhoods, and St. Louis is no different. Relocating to our city – or any city – could easily land you in the wrong spot without a lot of careful research ahead of time. However, working with a corporate housing provider can remove the headache for you because the company will only select the best locations for their corporate clients. 

For example, at Arch Corporate Housing, the properties we offer our clients are selected with care and intention. We know that you need to feel safe and secure, and we’ve ensured that our properties can provide the assurance you need. In fact, we’ve done the investigative work for you: No need to spend hours online researching neighborhoods and crime statistics. You can trust that we’ve selected St. Louis’s best. 


Need for Surety

If you’re moving to St. Louis for work, you’re going to encounter uncertainties. Learning a new city and a new workplace can be rife with challenges. Having to furnish an apartment, navigate an unfamiliar city, and figure out how to manage other basic “starting over” details can take a toll. But working with an established corporate housing provider like Arch takes away the stress. 

From being able to settle in quickly because your apartment is already furnished to not having to manage utility set-up or go without wifi, working with a Sl. Louis corporate housing provider gives you the surety you need to hit the ground running. You can jump into your new role at work with confidence, knowing that you’ve got a partner to reach out to if things feel unsettled at home. 


Need for Sleep

The last thing you need when starting a new job is to be sleep-deprived. A relocation is stressful enough, so having to deal with an uncomfortable bed can make things worse.

While we can’t vouch for other St. Louis corporate housing providers, at Arch, we know this. Not only do we place you in a location of town that will let you sleep easy, we also provide a memory foam mattress to seal the deal. 


Arch Checks All the Boxes

When you’re looking for a place to live in St. Louis, some options are better than others, and you really need the help of locals to find the right location for your lifestyle. A corporate housing provider will be able to help you select the right property, the right neighborhood, and the right amenities for the lifestyle you’re needing.. 

At Arch Interim Corporate Housing, we get it. And that’s why we are committed to taking care of our clients the way we would take care of our family members or friends. We know you have a need for security, for surety, and for sleep. And we’re here to help you, every step of the way.