Are you in the process of being relocated or going on a temporary work assignment? Chances are you’ll be staying in corporate housing during your transition or temporary project and you may be wondering what is necessary to pack and what you can leave behind.

While Corporate apartments are fully furnished and designed to feel like home, there are just a few things you’ll need to pack to complete the transition.

That personal touch

Although your apartment is already furnished with all the furniture you need, in order to truly feel like home, you’ll have to bring some personal touches. Items like family photos, books, paintings, or collectibles that you enjoy can help personalize your space and make it feel homey and comfortable. You can even add fragrance plug-ins or scents that are familiar and comforting to help you adjust to your temporary living quarters.

Smart TVs provided with corporate apartment but not other devices


While your furnished apartment generally includes a smart TV, you will obviously need to provide or rent your own computers, tablets, game consoles, and additional electronics. Some items you may already have due to a job requirement and others may just be needed for entertainment in your free time, but either way, they are not generally provided in your rental.

However, most corporate housing locations provide high speed internet services and even some additional electronics for rent. Check with your corporate housing provider to see which amenities are included in your contract to help establish which electronics will be a viable option to bring along.

Personal items

While linens and appliances are provided, you will need to provide products such as body wash, toothpaste, and other hygiene items. All of these products are personal choice and since every person is different — personal hygiene products are not generally provided in your extended stay apartment.

Fully furnished apartments can save you a lot of money by providing all  of the needed furniture and appliances to get you through your daily routine while in the process of a transition. However, even though you may be provided with all the necessities of home, only you can make it truly feel like home by adding pieces of…you!

Relocating to St. Louis?

If you’re relocating to the St. Louis area, you don’t have to move blindly.  Check out our “Preparing for the Move” article to learn more about your new destination. Additionally, if you haven’t already, reach out to Arch Interim Housing — we have the hospitality, professionalism, and hassle-free convenience of providing all your corporate housing needs.